Scottish Medieval Rock!

Team Esspee

The idea of this elite membership group came about when we needed assistance to attend South by Southwest in Austin, Texas in March, 2014. This exceptional opportunity had but one drawback...there were no performance fees, we had to take care of all of our expenses!
Because we raise money for Clanranald Trust through our performances, it is important for us to be financially viable to keep the cause going. So we asked our great fans if they would be willing to help and a resounding “YES” was heard.  Many suggestions were offered but all said “Just let us know how we can help” So we have come up with a way you can help and we will reward those that join in with special offers.

Becoming part of Team Esspee will put you in some great company. It will bring Saor Patrol fans from many cultures together and help us as we spread our message about Clanranald and Duncarron. It will reward you for your support of the band by being recognized as a part of our International Team and if you wish to increase your support, we have some special “rewards” just for you!

Your support will help us to greatly expand our fan base and visibility internationally. Here's how you can help keep the wheels rolling.


New Team Esspee Memberships will be announced shortly so be watching for it here!



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