Scottish Medieval Rock!

The Band


Saor Patrol - Scotlands Leading Medieval Rock Band

(pronounced 'shore' and comes from the Gaelic word ‘Saorsa’, meaning freedom / liberty) 

From Central Scotland and Fife, the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Scotland, 
Saor Patrol and their unique sound of Scotland in the 21st century, brings together the sounds of the past into the present and launches the listener into an 'Exciting Clann and almost Tribal Experience'. 

Those that have stood before SAOR PATROL while performing live never forget the feeling of power the feed the crowd and the visual image of their live experience. The energy they share on stage and  with their audience during a performance, with their vibrant pipe tunes and thundering drum rhythms please and excite many a crowd from all walks of life.

The sound that they started with was referred to as “Tribal Rock”. When they added the electric guitar some said it was  “Celtic Rock”.  When they shared a stage at a rock festival in England with Motorhead, their sound was refered to by Lemmy himself as “The Motorhead of Folk”. However over the years their sound has evolved into what is now refered to as Scottish Medieval Rock. A sound you will not forget. 

Like  Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Folk and many other sounds that have evolved from traditional Scottish music over the centuries, the music of Saor Patrol has too and this is their contribution!! 
Still holding onto their unique sound and style they continue to combine old musical Celtic roots with the new. Covering both Genres of World music and Medieval Rock

Their sound is original and their own: Scottish Medieval Rock! and it delivers every time at breathless pace!

Saor Patrol have all their music available as MP3 and download files now as well as their fast growing back catalogue of CD's, DVD & merchandise available from their shop on line

Saor Patrol have performed at festivals throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and USA and are available for bookings. You can book them for a unique Scottish Celtic cultural experience for your Music Festivals, Brand Launches, Corporate and Public Events, Gatherings, internationally bringing a taste of Scottish tradition with a difference to any event. 

Their story is unlike any other band.
There is more to the band members of Saor Patrol than meets the eye, they are a band for a more complicated reason, which they do not always get the opportunity to convey to their audience. They travel and perform to allow them to realise an equally fantastic goal.They are all volunteers of   The Clanranald Trust for Scotland, a recognised Scottish Charity, whose primary aim is the promotion of Scottish Cultural and Heritage through Entertainment and Education. 

Some of the band members have appeared in many epic movie blockbusters like Gladiator, King Arthur, Robin Hood, The Eagle,Thor II and Macbeth to name but a few. So these guys lead a pretty exciting and interesting life.

Saor Patrols other mission is to promote at all times possible the Clan Clanranald Trust for Scotland and all its projects. Duncarron being among the flagships of educational experiences in Scotland.


Charlie Allan

Charlie 'Chick' Allan has been playing pipes for a number of years now. While working on the film set of Gladiator the movie, he took a set of bagpipes with him and began to teach himself. By the time they had finished filming the opening scenes where you will see "Chick Allan" brandishing a severed head at his now long time friend Russell Crowe, he had a tune and the scales under his belt. From that point on he has never looked back. And in the face of snobbery went ahead with his Clansmen and brothers in arms and created an original sound never heard before. Along with the current line up they have progressed from strength to strength and have developed an individual style of playing which is quite unique. He has taken the pipes and turned them into a versatile musical instrument ,instead of an "archaic Scottish icon".

His powerful playing, pushed to the limits by the huge Drum section, now filled out with the guitar, requires fitness and stamina which he attains through his active life style. 
An enthusiastic lover of seeing worthy projects through to the end, charlie has been relentless in pushing his dream forward, feeding off his own enthusiasm every time he has been in a position to explain what the trust is all about and what its volunteers intend to do. While others have given up, Charlie has just kept on going even when all odds seemed against him.

The people who supported him are now witnessing the results of his determination. Just take a look at the projects site When he talks of the Trust's goals, it is always “We” never “I”. He has been chasing those goals not just for personal achievement, but also for the sake of those around him who as he says, “have shown dedication, respect, honour and trust; trust that I would continue until I came up with the goods”

With his strong team of like minded  and equally driven Clanfolk they have helped and improved hundreds of peoples lives
be it boosting their self esteem and helping people see worth in volunteering for worthy causes to helping people financially in getting qualifications they need to get back into employment see for further information.

Kev Johnston

Kev is one of those "didn't know he was a drummer until he started" kind of guys. He took to his drum like a dog to mince and rapidly showed his ability to thrash the drums like a storm whipping up.

Out of Penicuik Midlothian and a keen lover of music, playing Bass guitar has been his passion for some time. Dabbling on the odd keyboard too when available he is full of little surprises. The promotion of the Clanranald Trust is also a major part of his life, voluntarily assisting in the trusts activities on a day to day basis. Also a driver when the trust needs him to help take volunteers up to Duncarron. Kev has been with the band from the beginning and is probably better known for eating ALL THE TIME!!! every time the band is seen Kev is usually eating, going to eat or thinking about how hungry he is. Don't put your hand near him when he is noshing you might loose a few digits!! Also a keen biker more off road than on these days he has been known to disappear into the hills, literally, for days! As he says "never seeing anyone, or even a road for hours at a time".


Mark Monaghan

Mark has always had a passion for music, the same as the rest of the band. His liking for Rock extends from Classic Rock all the way into Thrash and Extreme Metal, in other words he's a bit of a head banger. Mark likes most forms of music though, with the exception of his inexplicable dislike of Reggae, and Jeff Wayne's musical "The War of the worlds", which gives him nightmares.

Back with the band after a one and a half year absence, Mark has thrown himself into touring with the band and loves nothing more than the opportunity to express himself, by smacking a large drum with much ferocity, he is also, shockingly enough, a bit of a geek when it comes to his gadgets and things. I know surprising isn't  it, He also likes reading and chess, but shhh! don't tell anyone. Anyway, this makes him the ideal candidate for keeping an eye on the web and all things Saor Patrol in the virtual world. Ideal really as the band thinks he does'nt really spend alot of time on this planet anyway.

Mark's other interests are vast and varied, too many to go into detail, anyway Mark is very aproachable like the rest of the band, but if at times when you try and chat too him, he seems a bit distracted or uninterested, dont take it personaly. He's probably just deep in thought, about something like, why it should be so difficult for the scientific community to marry Einstien's theory of General relativity to Quantum mechanics, into a unified theory of everything, or deeper questions like "Why is the sky blue?".

Steve Legget

Steve was Born 1970 and raised in Gorebridge, one of the many coal mining toons in East Scotland. At the age of 12 he was given his first guitar, and he has played ever since enjoying a long life of rock bands mainly playing heavy rock. Known to be a bit of a ski-ing enthusiast we told him that that was cool as long as he didn't break any fingers!!! Working in pubs for 20 years. He has seen many bands and always wanted to tour. While on holiday in Holland he received a call from an excited friend telling him they had seen an advertisement for auditioning guitarists.When he heard it was us he was straight on the phone telling us he was "the man for the Job" that "he was just what we were looking for" And he was. A few rehearsals in and we have new sounds down already. He loves a bit of a party and he, like the rest of us, doesn't take life too seriously. He is know to have been called "lightweight Legget" on more than one occasion! So keep him away from whisky at all costs! In Steves words he says to all. "I live for playing guitar and am going to love my new family in Saor Patrol. Bring it oan!!! "

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